Player-driven Economy

TownyEternal has no admin shop to sell stuff to so item values are determined by supply and demand. Players can rent a shop in our market district to setup chest shops or simply auction items in chat or auction house!


No resets. Ever

As long-term players ourselves, we understand the frustrations of putting a ton of work into something only to have it reset or lost.
Consider it our mission statement. No Resets. Period. Build as big as you want, your work is safe.

Live 3D Map

Use the live map to find the perfect spot for your town, manage your lands, track your enemies and neighbors, check out player warps, or all kinds of useful things! You can use the map tab here on the website or /map command in-game.


Unique Jobs

Jobs are the main way to make money on the server. We've changed it up a bit from the norm to try to give you a unique experience that feels more rewarding. With 10 jobs to choose from, and up to 4 jobs total! You can find more information about our jobs by using the in game guide!

McMMo is integrated into our job system to help create the need for individual jobs within the market and maintain proper job synergy.


Tiered Drops & Gear

Hundreds of special armors, tools, & weapons! Randomized mob drops, custom enchants, custom textures, & more! You can customize your gear with Tomes or turn them into better gear. Unwanted lower-tier gear can be shattered into shards which can then be crafted into higher tier shards or essences. An essence will give you a random item of that same tier.

Towns & Nations

Create your destiny with the legendary towny plugin. Claim land, add residents, build up your fortune, set up your own market, form alliances, or battle it out in all out towny war. Your fate is in your hands!

Tons of custom items!

Foods, drinks, fish, collectibles, cosmetics, mob drops & more! More ways than ever to build the ultimate collection. Custom wandering traders, rewards, block drops, & mob drops!

Treasure Hunt

Random Treasure chests of different tiers will spawn across some worlds. Race other players to reap the rewards!


Tie the knot and receive partner specific perks and permissions!