Chat Guidelines
  • Be respectful to others in chat. Do not harass or bully other players.
  • Discrimination or use of derogatory slurs will not be tolerated.
  • Keep chat, nicknames, town/nation names, and other titles appropriate.
  • Avoid referencing drugs, sex, politics, and other inflammatory topics.
  • Do not beg players for things, spam chat, make nonsense auctions or ads, etc.


  • Griefing is not allowed. Do not destroy, build on, or claim things that are not yours.
  • If you use a public farm replant any crops you harvest or it will be considered grief.
  • You can only remove items from a chest you do not own if its not in a town claim, its not locked, and you do not have to break blocks to get to it.


No Cheating
  • Do not use hacks, mods, or scripts that go against our server policies regarding their use.
  • No Xray, Kill Aura, Fly Hacks, etc.


No Advertising
  • No advertising other minecraft servers under any circumstance in game or on the discord.
  • Do not self-promote in chat. You can link your youtube channel, discord, youtube, twitch, and more to your /profile if you wish to!


Redstone Machines
  • Follow all server policies regarding redstone machines and limitations.
  • Any machines that cause lag will be removed.
  • No flying machines.


Discord Rules
  • Our discord rules mirror our in-game rules so the chat guidelines will apply in both.
  • When using the server discord, please do your best to post in the proper channels.
  • Do not abuse the @role function. This is in place so players can reach our staff team in a time of need or if something needs immediate action but please try to use the regular means of contacting staff before using this method if possible.
  • Follow all Discord terms of service.


Mapart Rules
  • Do not copy or sell mapart you did not make yourself.
  • No inappropriate mapart. No nudity, gore, etc. If you are unsure if an image is okay, just ask staff.


Town Rules
  • Residents must be given 48hr notice before town staff can remove the belongings of a player from a plot. Town staff must either, /mail send, post signage, or notify through discord. Must provide proof if requested by evicted player.
  • Do not claim within 5 chunks of another town.
  • Do not attempt to claim near/around other towns to with malicious intent.
  • No perimeter or spot claiming (See Policies) with the intent of taking up more land than the town can claim.
  • Keep town and nation disputes between those involved, staff will not intervene in drama.


No Traps or TP Killing
  • Do not teleport other players into lava 100 blocks in the air, or any other dangerous spot with the intent of killing them.
  • Do not build teleport pads, player warps, town/nation spawn points, etc. that kill players when used.


  • If you encounter a bug or an exploit that the staff team should be aware of, do not hesitate to let us know!
  • Taking advantage of bugs/exploits will result in a permanent ban.


No Inappropriate Builds
  • No inappropriate structures, pixelart, signs, etc.
  • No lava-casts or similar destructive acts that ruin the terrain in the main towny world. You can do whatever you like in the resource worlds.


Kills/Drops Stealing
  • Do not steal kills from other players. For example, if a player places down end crystals and spawns a dragon, it is their dragon to kill.
  • Do not steal drops from mobs you did not kill.


No Impersonation
  • Do not impersonate staff or pretend to be another player.


No Doxxing
  • Releasing private information of other players is strictly forbidden.


Agreements and Scams
  • If you make an agreement with a player get the deal in writing. Honor your agreements.
  • Do not scam other players. Auction scams, chestshop scams, etc. are not allowed.